Secret tuna salad recipe

Justyna Ilczuk
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To create awesome projects we need great fuel to keep us healthy and energized.

If only there existed a simple recipe that was:

  • healthy
  • very easy to make
  • super tasty (even to people who generally hate fish!)

You are in luck! I present to you my family's secret recipe that was so far guarded in the family for generations, but is now available to the public for the first time!

Almost no cooking skills required, this recipe only requires a bit of cutting and a bit of an assembly. Nothing will be boiled during the process!

I want this!

Detailed pdf that discloses secret ingredients, steps to follow to recreate the salad and a bunch of tips!

What if I don't like fish?
Even Justyna's brother loves it and he hates fish.
Is it healthy?
Yes, it's full of fruit and vegetables and of course tuna!
Do I need to be a skilled cook to make it?
Almost no cooking skills required.
How long does it take to make?
10-20 minutes, so you have more time to build cool stuff!
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Secret tuna salad recipe

3 ratings
I want this!